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Final Slate Of 2023-2024 Directors & Officers

Final Slate of 2023-2024 Directors & Officers

Pursuant to Article VIII of the Chapter’s bylaws, on September 6, 2023, the Nominating Committee presented to the Board the following slate of nominees for Elected Officer Positions, open Member-Elected Director Positions, and Board-Elected Director Positions.

The Board approved the slate of nominees. Pursuant to Article VIII of the Chapter’s bylaws, at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Federal Bar Association, membership will be asked to vote on the Elected Officer Positions and the Member-Elected Director Positions (which are highlighted in the attached).

Any active member of the Chicago Chapter who is eligible to serve as a Member-Elected Director may self-nominate for an open Member-Elected Director or Elected Officer Position by filing the appropriate papers with the Secretary. See Article VIII.1.(c), Bylaws of the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association (As Amended October 2, 2019). The date of the Annual Meeting will be sent to the membership shortly.

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2023-2024 Slate for Member Distribution.pdf
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