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Reappointment Of Magistrate Judges Finnegan, Gilbert & Kim — Request For Comments

Reappointment of Magistrate Judges Finnegan, Gilbert & Kim — Request for Comments

The re-appointment process has started for three of our sitting Northern District of Illinois magistrate judges:

  • Hon. Sheila Finnegan
  • Hon. Jeffrey Gilbert
  • Hon. Young Kim

The district court has asked the FBA Chicago Chapter and our members for comments on each judge as part of the re-appointment process.

If you would like to comment on re-appointment of one or more judges, please submit written comments by June 30, 2017. (If commenting on more than one judge, please submit your comments separately—one set of comments per judge.)

Please submit your comments to:

Magistrate Judge Advisory Panel
c/o Mr. Thomas G. Bruton
Clerk of Court
U.S. District Court
219 South Dearborn St. – Rm. 2050A
Chicago, IL 60604

To see the district court’s letters requesting comments, please click here (PDF)

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