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Chambers Lunch With U.S. District Court Judge John Tharp Jr.

Chambers Lunch with U.S. District Court Judge John Tharp Jr.

On September 18, U.S. District Court Judge John J. Tharp Jr. welcomed a dozen FBA members to his chambers for lunch and an informal discussion. Judge Tharp spoke about his passion for what he referred to as his dream job, and answered questions about many of the practical challenges lawyers face in court.

Topics ranged from how to best educate judges on areas of the law where they may not have prior experience, to the importance of spelling the judge’s name right in the caption (an issue that does indeed come up). Judge Tharp also provides valuable insight on the benefits and challenges of the Northern District’s Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Project.

The Chicago Chapter thanks Judge Tharp and his staff for their time and hospitality, and for the unique insight provided to all who attended.

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