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Chambers Lunch With 7th Circuit’s Judge William Bauer

Chambers Lunch with 7th Circuit’s Judge William Bauer

Twelve lawyers and law students joined 7th Circuit Judge William Bauer for lunch by his chambers today at the Dirksen Building.

The FBA’s Chicago chapter sponsors intimate lunches in chambers—or sometimes in conference rooms—with federal judges who sit in Chicago. Practicing lawyers, law clerks, and students get to meet judges in a relaxed environment and seize the opportunity reverse roles and ask the questions. These lunches are edifying and entertaining for all who attend (and the food and beverage is superlative). Lunch with Judge Bauer was no exception.

Judge Bauer captivated those around the table on topics including:

  • His paths to three benches
  • The sign he kept on his bench as a trial judge as a reminder to himself
  • That in the business of law, there’s no absolutes
  • How for a trial judge, presiding over a trial is like watching a play. And for an appellate judge, it’s like reading one
  • How good judgment makes good lawyers. And how lawyers learn good judgment through the lessons of bad judgment
  • How he and his colleagues prepare for oral argument, how oral argument affects how he sees and votes on cases, how often oral argument changes his view, and oral argument do’s and don’ts (for both advocates and for judges)

The Chicago chapter would like to thank Judge Bauer and his staff for hosting us and Inspiration Kitchens for preparing and delivering the fine food and beverage.

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